robosheep asked:

Have you painted anything recently or too much going on with the start of school and things?

Too much school and things is exactly what’s been going on. I was going to address this eventually, but I figured I might as well answer it now. I’m a full-time engineering student with 19 semester hours, and a job looming to support myself, simply don’t have the time that I used to.
Things are looking up, though. I bought the Space Hulk as a motivator to get me painting again as well as finishing a project for a friend. Also about to bring back my YouTube channel and get back to editing again. I even got a new microphone cable for my studio microphone and an older copy of Sony Vegas. I’m also SUPER single now, so that should mean the little free time I did have can be used for all this productive cool shit, so just be sure to check for updates, because things are about to pick up around here.

I am back with a fucking vengeance.